Clinic renovations and moving to suite 25!

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since i wrote but I wanted to share with you this exciting news. The Gallery Kirkland  shopping mall has been under major renovations which were well needed. It will no longer be recognized as the “green building”.  They have demolished a section of the building where the bakery used to be to open up the parking area. Since our entrance was located very close to the building renovations, we moved temporarily to another suite in August 2015.  We were suppose to be heading back to our suite 1A when the renos would be done but we were informed just before Christmas that we were not be able to go back as they had to move our entrance door in the massage therapy room.

After that news, we started looking at other suites in the building and found a nice suite with windows. After some negotiations, it is ours! We will be moving to suite 25! The clinic will still have 3 treatment room, 2 for chiropractor and one for the massage therapists. Sonya our orthesist specialist will still be sharing my room. The work has already started and we are hoping to move into our new place in 4-6 weeks. I will keep you informed! A few photos to give you a preview….. See you soon in our new location!

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Graduation day for my MSc!

Hi everyone 

After 3 years of hard work, my graduation day of my MSc has arrived. I had decided to start that MSc project almost 4 years ago.  Following the World Federation Conference in Brazil, I met a student who had just graduated from that program and shared his excitement with me.  I contacted the tutor at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic,  Dr Joyce Miller who was very convincing and got me excited about the program. My registration was accepted in the MSc APP Peadiatric Musculoskeletal health.  During these 3 years, it was alot of work and many trips to the UK to finish this project but I have no regrets. I have learned so many things and met many friends from  all around Europe.

My thesis was my final project that took a year to finish. It was an original research evaluating the perception of lactation consultants IBCLC of musculoskeletal disorders in the breastfed baby.  My next project is to try and publish it in a scientific journal so stay tuned!

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Olympic Games-Sochi 2014

Hi everyone

I do realize I have not written in a long time but life has been too busy!! I am working hard on my last paper for my master and it will be all done! However, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the Olympics. This is such an incredible period for all the professional athletes that devote their life to their sport! Coming back every 4 years we get a chance to see the top athletes perform and be part of their amazing moments!  All these athletes work so hard to train and be ready for that day they will compete in the Olympics. Chiropractic plays a big role in keeping the athletes to the top of their performance! In the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there was a whole clinic of chiropractors working with other specialist for the athletes. It was actually a first for the chiropractic profession. Here is an interesting link to describe what happened in Vancouver!

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Winter Sports!

Hi everyone! Tournée

First of all, I wanted to wish all of my patients Happy New Year! Time sure flies! I have not even had a chance to write my blog yet and wish you all the best for 2013! It is already the beginning of February and a month has passed since the beginning of  2013. WOW!  I can not believe it! Life sure has been busy with my family! We love winter sports and try to stay busy even if the thermometer drops down quite low below zero! This is the key to make sure the winter passes rapidly! First thing we know is that spring is here and we did not see the winter! My kids are active in the local ski team and are racing across different mountains in the Townships! Besides downhill skiing, we go snowshoeing with our new dog or cross-country ski and then relax in front of the fire.

I wanted to mention a few things that happened in the New Year. First, I was very happy  that the Association of Chiropractors of Quebec had decided to sponsor an athlete  that is performing in the freestyle competition Mikaël Kingsburry!   He is the spokes person for the Association and a user of chiropractic for a very long time. He does say that chiropractic has helped him stay at the top of his game!  Many people think it is normal for athletes to get treated but what we should remember is that we are all athletes at some level and should take care of  our body! It should be a priority.  Most patients usually always wait until they are suffering alot before consulting and I am always amazed that they waited that long!

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Is wearing high heels bad for your back?

Hi Everyone,

In practice, some of my patients that complain of back pain realize that it coincides with a night out when they wore their high heels.  I often get asked that question “could my back pain be due to the fact that I wore high heels yesterday? “. While I was browsing the internet, I found this research report on the topic and thought it may be appropriate to talk about it  and stir up some discussions. The easy answer to the comment is that it  may create  muscle fatigue or calf tightness, that it changes the alignment of the spine and creates compensations but does it really?  More and more researchers are looking at the topic. This research actually looked at the impact of wearing high heels on the erector spinae muscles ( muscles close to your spine) and the way your pelvis gets affected when you walk.

Women have been wearing high heels since the 17th century either for social or work events. There are some reports that 59% of women  actually wear high heel shoes for 1- 8 hours per day.  We have thought that high heel actually changes and raises your centre of mass of the body which will change the stability of the posture and will affect the lumbar muscle timing which will result in fatigue and pain.  It will tend to have an effect on the low back curve called the lordosis by increasing it and will change the way women walk or pelvis mechanics. Are these true facts,  what did the research say!

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