Dr. Valérie Lavigne


Dr. Valérie Lavigne

Chiropraticienne, D.C.

Dr. Valérie Lavigne graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1998. She opened a private practice as a chiropractor in the Town of Mount Royal, Quebec, until October, 2003. After the birth of her twin boys, she joined a private practice in Beaconsfield, Quebec, in March of 2005.

Dr. Lavigne is pursuing her Master of Science at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Applied Professional practice in Musculoskeletal health in pediatric care and should graduate in October 2014.

Dr. Lavigne has written numerous articles published in Pathways Magazine, Canadian Chiropractic Magazine and information sheets for Multiple Births Canada.

Her focus is on family care, including helping parents understand the importance of breastfeeding, as well as regular chiropractic care for children’s optimal growth.

Dr. Lavigne is raising her three children, Audrey, William, and Thomas, alongside her husband, Anthony, in a suburb of Montreal.

Very pregnant with a breech baby

My name is Michele Shemie, and I came to see you about a YEAR ago, while I was very very pregnant with a breech baby. I came to see you at least 4 times, and the baby turned! I remember calling your office
to tell you the good news, however I never actually told you that I had the baby, the delivery went very well, and I truly attribute this good fortune to having come to see you a few times. So this is an incredibly late “Thank you very much”. Now I have 3 children, the eldest is not yet 4 and a half, so I’m actually drowning most of the time in child care. Perhaps that’s the reason for this amazingly late note.

I truly believe that it is very possible that my baby turned because of the treatments you gave me, and for that I’m very grateful. I’ve since told a lot of people about it.

So I hope you are well, and one day I’ll come back for any other chiropractor needs I run into.

I am well (well pretty exhausted, but alas, that is part of having three small children I guess!), and Tina-Livia, my now 11-month old who thankfully decided to stop being a breech baby, is also doing great.

All the best,

Michele Shemie

Trouble Nursing Newborn

After 38 hours of labour and delivery with my first child, my body was feeling a little…unlike usual, and my little one was having some trouble nursing on the left side.
Valerie asked lots of questions, did a full exam and treated me gently and thoroughly.

She was wonderful with my baby too…a few adjustments and she was nursing easily on both sides.

I could not be happier with the treatment received from Valerie!

Claudine Dionne

Son with Special Needs

I first met Dr. Lavigne when my son, who was born with special needs, was only four months old. It was a vulnerable time for me, but she immediately made me feel I was in the right place. She was the only person I trusted to hold my baby while she treated him.

Dr. Lavigne is patient, warm and welcoming. She always makes me feel as though our situation is important to her. My son has developmental delays, but I see a significant difference in him after each treatment.

For a while, he struggled to sit up. In fact, at one point he seemed to have regressed, and it happened during a time that our visits weren’t very regular. He tried to push himself up to sitting, but he appeared uncomfortable and didn’t stay long in that position. I took him to see Dr. Lavigne, and that very afternoon, my son started sitting up and has been sitting up comfortably ever since! Many doctors are surprised with his progress and general good health. I secretly know that chiropractic has a lot to do with his overall well-being.

I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. Lavigne!


Sitting in an inclined position for many hours

I do a great deal of cardiovascular training on my stationary bike and with time I realized that sitting in an inclined position for many hours a week was forcing my pelvic bone to change positions. It was moving in a different manner and I was dealing with constant discomfort.

I consulted an osteopath and a chiropractor in hopes of solving this problem but the pain would only subside temporarily for a few days.

Dr. Lavigne was recommended to me and I must say that she was quickly able to identify the source of my pain and diagnose the appropriate treatment to eliminate my discomfort. A few treatments later, I was pain free and remain so to this day!

My sincere thanks. I feel much better.


Sacroiliac pain

A friend recommended Dr. Lavigne during my first pregnancy. I suffered from pain in my sacroiliac region and when I consulted Valérie, I was really stiff.

Her treatments did me a world of good and relieved my pain until I delivered my baby. She also fixed some other little problems I had and I continue to consult her regularly for myself and for my little guy. Valérie is also a lactation consultant and gave me valuable advice regarding breastfeeding.

Thanks to her help, I will be able to breastfeed my son for an extended period of time and therefore offer him the very best.

Thank you Valérie for your excellent care and your sunny disposition! It is always a pleasure to visit you!

France and her little man Xavier from St-Zotique

Baby with congenital torticollis & facial asymmetry

I gave birth to a baby boy in November, 2010. Breastfeeding was difficult and painful but no one at the CLSC or at my doctor’s office could figure out why. For me, breastfeeding and pain went together. I therefore consulted a lactation consultant who informed me that my baby had a congenital torticollis and a fairly pronounced facial asymmetry, even though to me, he was still the most beautiful baby in the world.

This explained the pain I was feeling during breastfeeding and the torticollis could greatly affect our son Elliot’s development.

The consultant strongly recommended that we have our son treated at the Chiro-Santé Kirkland clinic under Dr. Valérie Lavigne’s care. She herself was a lactation consultant and a pediatric chiropractic specialist.

The treatments started and we saw a huge difference. Following just a few treatments with Dr. Lavigne, Elliot was able to turn his head on both sides.

During the treatments, Valérie also helped me with breastfeeding issues by providing useful advice and much encouragement.

Today, my son is 5 months old and I continue to breastfeed him. He does not have any developmental delays caused by his torticollis. He can move and turn his head and his face is symmetrical, his facial apraxia is no longer apparent.

We wish to thank Dr. Valérie Lavigne and her team for all their help and support.

We are very thankful to them.

Sophie, Frédéric and Elliot