Another successful Webster technique!

Hi Everyone

I was very excited last night when I got an email from a patient so I thought I would share the story. You are probably wondering why? This mom was referred by a friend doula because the baby was in a transverse position. Most of you may not know but in chiropractic we have a technique that helps turn babies that are in the wrong position for delivery called the webster technique. We never force or touch the baby. The basic principle is to rebalance the pelvis of the mother trough a chiropractic adjustment and then release a ligament in the front of the uterus. This will usually allow the baby to have more room and if it is not restrained in the wrong position by anything anatomical it will decide to go head down. I was certified as a webster practitioner in 2005 but had been doing the technique for a while.

So I treated this patient 3 times last week and after the last few treatments she did notice a lot of motion which is usually a good sign. She then went for an ultrasound on monday and the verdict came in that the baby was head down. So mom is happy no c-section planned and she can have a vaginal birth. I am always pleased to help moms with that technique because it does change everything for them for the postpartum recovery. Of all the patients I have treated I have to say that the success rate is quite high.

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