Another trip to England!!

Hi everybody!!

Some of  you know that I have decided to enrol in a Master program. I attended one seminar in the fall and now I am back for another one. In 2012, I will be visiting the UK quite  a few times! It is such a nice spot so makes it easier to want to come to school!

This trip started with a little bit of stress because mother nature decided to send us a nice snow storm the one day I was suppose to fly out. The plane left  one hour and half  later then planned which meant that we landed and I only had about 45 minutes to go through customs and run the long corridor to the bus station. The best idea i had was that I managed to pack everything in a carry on! I  grabbed it in my arms and ran to the bus. I made it by 2 minutes when I sat down and looked at the clock it was 9h13 ouf it was scheduled to go at 9h15am!!!

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