Clinic renovations and moving to suite 25!

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since i wrote but I wanted to share with you this exciting news. The Gallery Kirkland  shopping mall has been under major renovations which were well needed. It will no longer be recognized as the “green building”.  They have demolished a section of the building where the bakery used to be to open up the parking area. Since our entrance was located very close to the building renovations, we moved temporarily to another suite in August 2015.  We were suppose to be heading back to our suite 1A when the renos would be done but we were informed just before Christmas that we were not be able to go back as they had to move our entrance door in the massage therapy room.

After that news, we started looking at other suites in the building and found a nice suite with windows. After some negotiations, it is ours! We will be moving to suite 25! The clinic will still have 3 treatment room, 2 for chiropractor and one for the massage therapists. Sonya our orthesist specialist will still be sharing my room. The work has already started and we are hoping to move into our new place in 4-6 weeks. I will keep you informed! A few photos to give you a preview….. See you soon in our new location!

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Graduation day for my MSc!

Hi everyone 

After 3 years of hard work, my graduation day of my MSc has arrived. I had decided to start that MSc project almost 4 years ago.  Following the World Federation Conference in Brazil, I met a student who had just graduated from that program and shared his excitement with me.  I contacted the tutor at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic,  Dr Joyce Miller who was very convincing and got me excited about the program. My registration was accepted in the MSc APP Peadiatric Musculoskeletal health.  During these 3 years, it was alot of work and many trips to the UK to finish this project but I have no regrets. I have learned so many things and met many friends from  all around Europe.

My thesis was my final project that took a year to finish. It was an original research evaluating the perception of lactation consultants IBCLC of musculoskeletal disorders in the breastfed baby.  My next project is to try and publish it in a scientific journal so stay tuned!

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Summer is here!

Hi everybody

In Montreal, summer has definitely arrived! It is now 34 degrees with humidity. Records were broken yesterday on the thermometer!

Summer means no school and fun ! My kids finished school yesterday and are ready to enjoy a summer full of fun and activities. Most of our activites are centered around sailing and the water. It is  a time where we can relax and enjoy vacations. No homework and schedule necessarily.

What are your summer plans and vacations?

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Another trip to England!!

Hi everybody!!

Some of  you know that I have decided to enrol in a Master program. I attended one seminar in the fall and now I am back for another one. In 2012, I will be visiting the UK quite  a few times! It is such a nice spot so makes it easier to want to come to school!

This trip started with a little bit of stress because mother nature decided to send us a nice snow storm the one day I was suppose to fly out. The plane left  one hour and half  later then planned which meant that we landed and I only had about 45 minutes to go through customs and run the long corridor to the bus station. The best idea i had was that I managed to pack everything in a carry on! I  grabbed it in my arms and ran to the bus. I made it by 2 minutes when I sat down and looked at the clock it was 9h13 ouf it was scheduled to go at 9h15am!!!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi Everybody

I have just finished my last patient, I am now on holidays! Time sure seems to be going by so fast!! Hard to believe we are already there; a few days before Christmas! Lots of  people are still in the process of finalizing all their gifts.  So how are you doing? Are you a last minute shopper or everything is done and ready for Christmas?

I wanted to take the time to wish all my patients a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I also wanted to thank you for the confidence you have in my care! It is always a pleasure to see you and help you in my clinic!  I hope that you will have some time to relax and rest a little during this crazy time of year and enjoy time with your family! I sure will take a week with my family. I love seeing my kids face light up with the magic of Christmas. My family is really hoping for some snow so that we can ski and enjoy the fresh air of winter during that week off. What activities do you have planned for your family during the holidays?

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