Another trip to England!!

Hi everybody!!

Some of  you know that I have decided to enrol in a Master program. I attended one seminar in the fall and now I am back for another one. In 2012, I will be visiting the UK quite  a few times! It is such a nice spot so makes it easier to want to come to school!

This trip started with a little bit of stress because mother nature decided to send us a nice snow storm the one day I was suppose to fly out. The plane left  one hour and half  later then planned which meant that we landed and I only had about 45 minutes to go through customs and run the long corridor to the bus station. The best idea i had was that I managed to pack everything in a carry on! I  grabbed it in my arms and ran to the bus. I made it by 2 minutes when I sat down and looked at the clock it was 9h13 ouf it was scheduled to go at 9h15am!!!

Made it to my nice little hotel. I have a tiny room but it is a lovely spot and the people are so nice!  In the afternoon I was expected at school to meet with the librarian regarding some issues with getting articles and then I was asked if I could see some breastfeeding cases in the school clinic.

Being in the clinic again brings back so many memories of CMCC. It is funny to be back with experience and suddenly you are the one the interns are listening to!!  It went very well and helped these mothers latched their babies. After such a long day and no sleep I was completely  exhausted, had dinner  and went to bed.

Today we had a lecture from 9am until 5h30 pm. It was all about learning how to do research and read research so that we can after decide if it is good research or not!. Being at the master level, that is the skill we need to develop. So I am learning alot. I always felt a bit weak in that area so I am quite pleased to be going through it again in details.

A little funny anecdote is that there is no doubt that I am in England because when we have a break from the lecture it is not just called a break, it is  “a tea break” so tea and biscuits are served!!! Love the differences between countries!!!

The fun part about the programme is that I met so many interesting people from different part of the world. Some are from  England, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark. So much fun to be exchanging and seeing how everybody practices.

I just attended the second day of class this morning! So I now am  leaving with lots of ideas and work that needs to be done until we come back. I decided to go for a run after a few days of sitting down all day long which is something I am not used to!! It is very beautiful here by the ocean!! You can see a photo of the pier that I walk to in about 5min from my hotel and then run on the boardwalk! Called Boscombe Pier!


Tomorrow I will be back on the bus and plane to get back home! Looking forward to seeing my gang husband and kids! Tuesday back to the clinic for all my patients!! Will be back here for part 2 of this seminar in February!

Hope you enjoy following my adventures








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