Breastfeeding Challenge 2012!

Hi everyone 

Have you heard of the breastfeeding challenge? It is an interesting event that has been started in Canada by the Quintessence foundation. The foundation had heard of an event in Australia called the “latch on” where people were in the same place and latched their baby all at the same time. They decided to try it at first only in BC and it was so popular that now it is all across Canada.  The goal is to have  the biggest number of mothers latching their babies at the same time at 11am.  It is a fun event where mothers get together. What a great way to help  promote breastfeeding!  Now many  countries are doing Latch on at the same time.  The record actually is from the Philippines in 2006 where  3738 women latched their babies at the same time.

I remember participating with my twins when they were almost a year old and I had a great time. I encourage every nursing mother to attend the event!

For more information on the breastfeeding challenge go to the

There are a few sites in the Montreal area that I know of.

1- In the West Island at the Galeries des Sources. The mothers are asked to show up at around 10am.

2- In the Montreal area at Bummis and Melon and Clementines store. Mothers asked to arrive by 10am.

Let me know if you know of more sites!

It will be interesting to see the results for this year!

Have fun





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