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I hope you are getting back in your routine following the holidays! We sure are!! School is busy and the ski season is in full swing. So I do not know if you heard on the news about this controversy last week. There was a situation where a mom was nursing her baby in a baby clothing store in Montreal and she was told that she could not nurse her baby there. Amazing that in 2011 people are still told not to feed there baby in a public place or are sent to the bathroom. Would you eat in a bathroom?? Anyway the mother got angry and blogged about it and it got picked up by the news. The store finally sent her an official apology letter and the mother accepted the apology. Some nursing moms have also decided to organize a Nurse-In on January 19th at 1pm. So if you are a nursing mother feel free to join them on this day!

Here is the official invitation:

Attend the Nurse-In at 1pm January 19th, 2011 to support mothers and children’s rights. Share this info with everyone you know. Remember that not breastfeeding increases health care costs and therefore our taxes.

Orchestra – Montréal Complexe Les Ailes
677, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, QC

So here is my question to all of you. Did you nurse in public? Did anything ever happened to you that you felt like you had to go somewhere else to nurse your baby?

I can tell you that I was never embarrassed to nurse my babies. I have nursed them on airplane, in shopping malls, at the park, at the beach etc… If my babies needed to be comforted or fed I never had a moment of hesitation. I can assure you that I was discreet and not exposing everything to everybody but I was never stopped. It is such a primal thing when your baby is crying you need to respond now. Don’t forget I had twins!!! so if someone was making heads turn while nursing it was me!

I think in 2011 people should not be embarrassed to nurse in public and should be supported. We have come along way where moms had to go to another room to feed their baby and be excluded from everything. Let ‘s make sure we do not go back in time!!!

So let me know what you think !

Have a great week end

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