Happy New Year!

Happy New Year !

So it has been a while since I wrote but the holidays preparation got me really busy. The good news is now we are in a new year full of great ideas and plans. I am just finishing my first week back from the holidays. The clinic is cleaned up, the papers are filed and patients are slowly making there way back!
A new year allows us to meditate and think about what we want to achieve in this new year. It is always classic people make resolutions that they can’t hold more then a few weeks. Have you noticed that the gyms are always full of people the first few weeks after the holidays! So I encourage you to think about your resolutions and make some that you can hold.

Have you ever thought about making a resolution regarding your spinal health. Why don’t you give it a year and take care of your spine regularly and see how much better you will feel! On top of spinal health let’s try the classics eat better, make sure you sleep well and exercise! 2011 will be the year where you take care of yourself. Set aside 15 min per day to meditate or take a break from the chaos!
So these resolutions are also mine this year. The spinal health I am already well organized in that matter but I promise myself this year to take care of me first! Wow that is hard for a mother but I will try. I will exercise regularly, meditate every day and take breaks. No major projects just living everyday well and be happy! Happy with myself and my family.
So what other resolutions do you have for 2011 ? Feel free to share them with me.
Make 2011 be a good year to everyone

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