Tongue-tie babies and breastfeeding

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I am very excited about launching this new blog. My goal is to inform you as much as possible. I love feedback and questions so feel free to write me back. I wanted to start talking about the lactation conference I attended last week. It is always refreshing to go and listen to great speaker. I always come out of these refreshed and ready to go back to the clinic and apply what I have learned. I had the pleasure of hearing Catherine Watson-Genna the tongue tie expert from New-York. So today the post will relate to breastfeeding. So what is a tongue tie. It is a little filament under the tongue that prevents it from moving well. For babies to breastfeed effectively they must be able to move their tongue well. They should be able to lift it all the way up to the roof of the mouth and move it side to side. If these motions are restricted then baby can not suck effectively and get milk. It may be quite sore to the mother as well. The best thing to do is to look under the tongue of your baby and if you see a little white line you may consider seeing a lactation consultant to determine if the tongue tie needs to be addressed. For certain moms it will save their breastfeeding!!! If in doubt call a lactation consultant for advice. You can find a list of lactation consultant on the website

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