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Today I wanted to talk about sleep posture. We spend so much time sleeping in our life that it can have a huge impact on how you feel. People always ask me which posture is best. The easiest thing to answer I find is to tell patient which one to avoid.

The worst position is stomach sleeping. Stomach sleeping as been associated with upper back pain and headaches. When I do my history, I always question which position people sleep in. If they have major headaches symptoms most of the time I can predict that they are stomach sleepers. When you are on your stomach it changes all the curves in your neck and upper back and affects all the muscles and joints in the neck.

So patient should either sleep on their side or back. If you are on your side make sure your pillow covers the distance between your shoulder and your neck when your neck stays straight. On your back the best thing is to bring your knees up if you are experiencing some low back pain and make sure In your neck your pillow gives you god support. You want to ensure your head is not lifted too high or too low. The basic principle is to keep your spine in a neutral position.

So next time you go to bed AVOID YOUR STOMACH. You can also get someone to look at your sleep posture and see if it is in a neutral position. If you have been a long time stomach sleeper you should consider care for your spine.

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