Chiropractic and sports

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So I just found out that an important player for the Montreal Canadiens uses chiropractic as a part of his routine. Can you guess who? Well it is Michael Cammelleri. He was on french Tv describing how he uses chiropractic before the games and after to help him perform better. As mentioned before chiropractic helps to normalize your mechanics and remove any irritation that may affect your nervous system and muscular system. People do not know but many athletes use chiropractic as part of their regular care. Last year at the olympics, chiropractors were actually part of the medical team. What great milestone for our profession!!! So if it is good for people like Tiger Woods, Arnold Swarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Emit Smith, Micheal Jordan, Joe Montana, Brett Butler Bruni Surin it should be good for you as well. You do not need to be an olympic level athlete to need care. We are all athletes at different levels. Just look at moms I would day they run a marathon everyday with a heavy basket to carry that for sure will have an impact on their spine. Think of that next time you are at the gym and you lift your weighs. How healthy is your spine?

So why wait start taking care of your spine and nervous system.

So think of chiropractic the next time Cammelleri scores a goal!!!!
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