Massage and Chiropractic !!!!

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I wanted to talk about a topic that comes up alot in the clinic. Massage and chiropractic how do they work together? Can you do one and the other? I usually start by explaining to patients how I see health. I like to compare their health to a pie where each pieces of the pie need to be looked at. That can be described as wellness care. This does incorporate good nutrition, exercise, good sleeping habits.

If you remember chiropractic works on the motion or mechanics of your spine and your nervous system. There are two things that influence that motion or mechanics, the vertebras and the muscles. Remember that most back muscles have an insertion point on the vertebra. So if the muscles get tight they will restrict the motion in your vertebra and vice versa. If your vertebra are not moving well your brain will tell the muscles to become tight to make sure you don’t use them as much. It is therefore key to take care of these aspects equally as they influence each other. So from experience I have noticed that patients that go for a massage before their adjustments are much more relax and their adjustment is much easier.

So YES massage is a great compliment to chiropractic !!! It should not replace it however because the massage can not restore the motion in the vertebra only the adjustment can do that.Here are some other benefits of massage:
  • Massage improves the circulation of oxygen-carrying blood to the extremities and helps eliminate wastes from the body

  • Massage relaxes you, relieves stress and anxiety, and supports feelings of general well-being

  • Massage works with your chiropractic care to retrain muscles that support your spine

  • Massage helps in managing the pain associated with certain physical conditions, such as arthritis and sciatica

The clinic is lucky to have to great massage therapists available for you during the week so feel free to call and book an appointment with either Gosia Buk or Joanne Harrison. Both are very experienced in working with chiropractors and will be very happy to help you!!

So start taking care of yourself!!

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