Each patient is different!!!

Hi everyone

So today I wanted to talk about the fact that each patient is different. Why am I saying this is that a lot of people think that all chiropractors do is “crack” . I always like to take the time to explain to my patients that I am equipped with a lot of tools in my bag!! After the examination, I can determine with the patient which tool will be best to use for that person!! No I do not adjust everybody. Well actually I do but with different techniques! Some people I would only do some special muscle work others I would use a little tool or my table to help me adjust. On babies I do a special technique called craniosacral which is very soft touch. I want people to know that they can talk to me and actually tell me what they are comfortable with. Remember we have many techniques that can be used depending on age, case or problem. Not all of them require the famous sound!! So go see a chiropractor and discuss how you feel and find a technique that works for you. That is the beauty of our profession it is an art as well!!! Don’t forget that you are unique and your care will be unique to you as well. My treatment will match your individual needs!!!

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