Enjoy Summer!

Hi everyone

Today I just wanted to tell everyone to take time and enjoy your summer!! Usually summer is a time where people have more energy, are out more, exercise more and feel better overall. The weather has been so nice in the last few days that I thought it would a good time to talk about a few healthy living habits. Even myself this summer I decided to get in better shape and started a running program. Exercise has been proven to help your physical and mental health so why don’t you go out and go for a nice brisk walk for 30 min tonight? You should try to exercise 3-4 times a week and you will see the changes quickly. Also drink plenty of water. In the heat you must stay hydrated. Do not forget to carry a water bottle with you and drink, drink drink. Quit the bad habits such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles. Did you know that smoking actually increases your chances of having back pain. It is actually reported in the literature that smokers have more back pain. Make healthy food choices. In the summer it is so easy to get fresh vegetables and fruits, eat plenty of them. Get your spine checked regularly. Good spinal health goes along way to help you do all your activities.

Anyway all these are things I am sure you know but sometimes it is good to remind yourself !! So go out and enjoy summer!!

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