Fall is here! Time to pick up the leaves.

Hi everyone

So here we are, a new season is starting. The trees are changing colours and soon your yard will be filled with them. What comes with leaves on the ground is hard work because they need to be picked up. Every season I get a couple of patients that injure themselves during that time.
So here are some of the things to remember when you are picking up the leaves in your yard.

1- Do not stretch beyond your arm length when you rake or in the motion you are doing. If you do your spine will be taking the extra stress and therefore may give you some pain the next day.
2- Alternate side when you rake. To make sure you do not put stress only on one side of your back.
3- Get a rake that is soft and fanned like. It is a bit longer to pick up but easier on the arms.
4- Do not pick up if it rained, the leaves are heavier.
5- When you fill the bags do not over fill them so that they are not too heavy.
6-When you pick up something heavy make sure to use your legs and do not twist your body while leaving your feet stationary. The low back can not sustain torsion.
7-Take breaks and make sure you stretch after your day.
I hope these tricks will make it easier for you to pick up your leaves. Don’t forget to include your kids in this fun activity and may they can enjoy jumping in the pile of leaves before they get in the bags.
Enjoy the fall and go for long walks, it is so beautiful still before the cold season sets in.
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