Pain in the in the bum!!

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Today I wanted to talk about something that I see very often in the clinic. People come in complaining of pain in the bum or butt. They usually say it is hard to go from a sitting position to a standing position. The pain can travel down in the leg along the back. They also describe pain when they walk or if they have been sitting for a long time. This usually describes a classic sacro-iliac irritation. This joint needs to work well to give good mechanics to the lower leg. So it can have an impact on your knee as well as your low back!

What is the sacro-iliac joint?
It is the joint between your sacrum ( the triangular bone at the end of your spinal column ) and the iliac bone. Some people think they have pain in their hip but that is not the hip. This is the joint that gets recruited when you go from a sitting to a standing position. When it gets inflammed it can get quite sore. Some people even have trouble putting weight on their leg. It is also a joint that gives a lot of trouble to pregnant women. It is the joint that gets loose during pregnancy. It needs to open a bit for delivery.
What usually accompanies this is big muscle spasms in the bum or gluteus.
If you experience this type of pain go see your chiropractor. They will perform a full examination and determine if it is in fact your sacro-iliac joint giving you trouble.
The treatment usually consists of muscle work to the bum or gluteus muscle and adjusting the joint. At home what is important to start doing from the minute you feel this kind of pain is to ICE. DO NOT APPLY HEAT it will make it worst. When you go to bed, put pillows between your legs and make sure you avoid any rotation of your pelvis. Also getting in the car, put your bum in completely and rotate the legs in. The chiropractor will also give you some stretches to help your muscle in your bum!
Next time you have pain in your bum do not ignore it and get treated quickly.
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