Why did I choose chiropractic?

Hi everyone

Many people are curious to know how I became interested in chiropractic. I always like to tell this story. Chiropractic has been a part of my whole life. My family used to go see a chiropractor regularly. It actually started with my father. When he was quite young, he had decided to jump off a barn and he ended up falling straight down on a fence. After he had all sorts of health issue. My grandmother finally heard about this doctor who had helped a lot of people and he was a chiropractor. So she took him in and he helped my father tremendously. After he always continued to see him and when my parents got married, he introduced chiropractic to my mother. When she had me the rumour was that I was very colicky so she decided to take me to see this doctor. She said she loved it because after the treatment I slept so well! We then continued to visit them whenever we were sick or not feeling well our whole life. When I was 14 years old, we saw a new chiropractor. She was a women and it just clicked for me. I realized that may be that would be a great job for me. I love helping people, there was science, you treated with your hands to help the patients. So there it is at 14 years old I said I was going to be a chiropractor and the rest is history. I did all the necessary pre-requisite to go to Toronto at the Canadian Chiropractic College. I graduated in 1998 and have loved every minute since then. It is so special to help people get out of pain with natural intervention and no drugs.

So briefly this is how and why I became a chiropractor……


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