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First of all, I wanted to wish all of my patients Happy New Year! Time sure flies! I have not even had a chance to write my blog yet and wish you all the best for 2013! It is already the beginning of February and a month has passed since the beginning of  2013. WOW!  I can not believe it! Life sure has been busy with my family! We love winter sports and try to stay busy even if the thermometer drops down quite low below zero! This is the key to make sure the winter passes rapidly! First thing we know is that spring is here and we did not see the winter! My kids are active in the local ski team and are racing across different mountains in the Townships! Besides downhill skiing, we go snowshoeing with our new dog or cross-country ski and then relax in front of the fire.

I wanted to mention a few things that happened in the New Year. First, I was very happy  that the Association of Chiropractors of Quebec had decided to sponsor an athlete  that is performing in the freestyle competition Mikaël Kingsburry!   He is the spokes person for the Association and a user of chiropractic for a very long time. He does say that chiropractic has helped him stay at the top of his game!  Many people think it is normal for athletes to get treated but what we should remember is that we are all athletes at some level and should take care of  our body! It should be a priority.  Most patients usually always wait until they are suffering alot before consulting and I am always amazed that they waited that long!

The Association has also been active at promoting our profession and they started a contest to win a trip for 2 in Chamonix!  I think continuing to promote and educate the public is very important in getting our profession known and understood by more people. Chiropractic has alot to offer and for some reason sometimes only used as last resort!   The association also has a team of chiropractors that go from ski hill to ski hill and talk about chiropractic! Have you seen them at your ski hill?  Visit this site for more details on the next ski hills they will visit !

A few things to remember when performing winter activities are to start by stretching properly and making sure you warm up before starting.  If you feel any pain, apply ice right away and call your chiropractor!  Follow this link for a great plamphet on how to stretch before skiing!

What are your favourite winter activities? What do you do to make winter pass faster and beat the cold? Please share your stories with me.

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