Olympic Games-Sochi 2014

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I do realize I have not written in a long time but life has been too busy!! I am working hard on my last paper for my master and it will be all done! However, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the Olympics. This is such an incredible period for all the professional athletes that devote their life to their sport! Coming back every 4 years we get a chance to see the top athletes perform and be part of their amazing moments!  All these athletes work so hard to train and be ready for that day they will compete in the Olympics. Chiropractic plays a big role in keeping the athletes to the top of their performance! In the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there was a whole clinic of chiropractors working with other specialist for the athletes. It was actually a first for the chiropractic profession. Here is an interesting link to describe what happened in Vancouver!


One of our Quebec athlete, Mikaël Kingsbury,  is a freestyle skier that has a very good chance of medals is actually the spokesperson for the Association of Chiropractors of Quebec. He comes from a chiropractic family! His father is a chiropractor and he has benefited from chiropractic all along his career to optimize his performance.

One thing we should realize is that we are athletes in our own way!  Many patients live with discomfort that should not be tolerated! Chiropractic needs to be a part of everybody’s health!

I would like to wish luck to all the athletes who will be participating at the Olympics this winter! It takes alot of determination to get to that level! Enjoy the moment!

We are all excited to watch the Olympics at our house! Skiing being one of our favourite sport. Which sport is your favourite?

Go Canada Go


Dr.Valerie Lavigne DC, Chiropractor





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