Day 1 and 2 of my England trip

Hi Everybody

It is hard to believe that is has been already 3 days since I left home!!! Wow does time fly. So far it has been a great trip! No problem with the flight, customs to get in the UK and then the bus ride to Bournemouth.  I got to my hotel which is just perfect! Trendy small boutique hotel called the Urban Beach Hotel ! The staff have so nice directing me along! Yes I did look like a tourist with my map in my hands but now I can get around my area no problem!

When I arrived, some patients had sugggested I do not sleep to get used to the time change so once I was setllted I went for a run along the beach! Funny thing is I was all ready with my umbrella expecting rain but no, the weather has decided to have a sunny week all week and a heat wave! Wow is it beautiful !!! I am a 3 min walk down to the beach and then there is a beautiful path to run!  Returned to my room to have some downtime had a beautiful meal in the restaurant and yes with a melatonin I was ready for my bed!! My room is very tiny but very efficient.

Woke up a bit early the second morning and after a beautiful breakfast walked the 15 min it takes to get to the college.  THe AECC is located in old convent. What a nice setting old and beautiful classic England!  I made my way to the board room and met the other people in the master program. We are 12 signed up for the master program. Funny everybody signed up for the pediatrics and we are all women!! I guess it is time pediatrics chiropractics gets his place!! There are quite a few from Norway , a couple from Denmark, one from Switzerland and a couple from England! Obviously the only crazy one that would travel from North America!!

After the introduction the course started. At least I am pretty convinced that I am finally in the right program for me at the stage in this stage in my career.  I am convinced I will learn alot especially on how to do research.  I am very excited about the program!!  There is no time to waste has they have already given us our first deadline for the first assignment as December 8th. I better get to work right away when I get back!!!

After the first day I went for a walk and toured around Bournemouth stores. THey are all closed at 6pm on thursday so no late shopping here!! I am still not quite used to the driving on the left ! not quite certain I would want to try!!

So my only funny thing that happened so far has been with the hair dryer I brought. My husband had gotten me a plug that I assumed would be ok for my hair dryer but no once plugged it got bright red made lots of noise and died!! I found out that you also need a transformer and not only a plug adaptor !! That was pretty funny.

So this is it for now two more days of seminar and I am done on sunday at 1pm where I am hoping to get to some shopping as i had very strict instructions to bring back some gifts for my gang!!

Will keep you posted on sunday on the rest of the seminar!

Later Valerie

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