The last day of my trip!

Hi everyone

It is hard to believe that I am here already sunday night. My last evening in England! I will be heading back tomorrow. Excited to get back to my family and work. It has been a very productive 5 days here. I had the pleasure of meeting some very nice chiropractors. The funny thing is we all seem to be practicing about the same way!

The last two days were quite intense on infants pediatrics information. It was alot of review but it validates what I do in the clinic with my patients!

Now it will be time to get studying and writing my first assignment because our first deadline is December 8th. No time to waste!!!!

I am very excited about the programme I hope to keep learning and improving with the help of this program.

I will come back in January for the next seminar. The good news is that it will not be all new. I will have done it once and will know exactly where I will be going.

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic hopefully not too jet lagged!!



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