Have you found your Passion?

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As you can see from the title the blog this week,  the topic is not related  to chiropractic or breastfeeding. I do find it is important once in a while to touch on other topic that I find will create great discussions.

Today,I wanted to touch on the topic of Passion. Have you found what you are passionate about in your life? I do believe that everybody needs to be passionate about something in their life. It can be a hobby, your work but when you are passionate about something people know. The way you talkabout it, the way you describe it.  When we have a passion, it focuses you.

I did a quick search online to find definitions of passion. Here is one that I found “Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do.”  This is so true. When you are passionate you give your all to succeed. You do not sit back and let things happen but you actually are proactive and make it happen. You constantly try to improve yourself.

You are most probably wondering where did this come from.  Well this week end, I experienced real passion. I witnessed what it meant to be passionate about something.  It actually inspired me to write about it. My daughter participated in the Quebec Equestrian Games at Bromont for the first time. The experience was unbelievable for her but for me as well. I am not quite sure why Audrey wanted to start riding but out of the blue at 6 years old she asked if she could try. We found a barn and got her started. Eventually it did become obvious that she loved everything there is about riding. Over the last few years she became more and more passionate about it. She worked at it and improved tremendously. When we had to make choices in the activity , she was always willing to cut something else but not her riding.  This week end, I was able to really witness how passionate she is about this. I was with her a full week end and she did not complain once about cleaning the stall, getting the horse ready, all the prep that was necessary. It was so nice to see a little girl who just turned 10 years old being so passionate about something. She was asking other people for explanations and was always willing to do anything her trainer asked. Sometimes we are not always able to witness it but this time I sat back and really looked  at her and what I could see was real passion.!

We will see if the passion is temporarily or if it will survive time. But for now I am so please and proud to see her so happy and dedicated to something that she picked and explored on her own.

I am curious. What are you passionate about???? Please share with me.

Looking forward to reading your stories.


Here is Audrey so proud after her dressage test with her instructor on June

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