School and Back Packs!!

Hi everyone

It is back to school already!!

Are you signing ” this is the most wonderful time of year” or will you be sad on your kids first day of school let me know!

My kids start Thursday and we have been in full preparation mode! It means lots of shopping and writing names all over their school books! With one in 5th grade and the others in 2nd grade, I have many beginnings and I actually look forward to a routine again! So I would answer mixed feelings, happy and sad because they are one year older !

It is appropriate to talk about school bags and back packs.  Many children will experience back pain, neck pain and upper back pain from their back packs. Either the actual back pack is not appropriate or the way it is filled with the books.

So here are a few recommendations:

1- Choose a back pack that is made of a light material

2- Make sure is has straps that are about 5 cm wide with a belt for the waist

3- The back pack should not be higher then the shoulder of your child

4- When you fill it with books, put the heavier books closer to the back and the smaller books more in the front.

5- Weigh your child and his back pack should not be more then 10% of his body weight

6-To put the back pack show them to bend their knees and you can elevate the bag to the table height so it is easier to pick up.

7- Never wear the back pack on only one shoulder, put it on both shoulders and make sure you can slide only one hand between the back and the bag.


If your child complains of back pain, numbness or neck pain do not wait and consult a chiropractor. I sometimes get the kids to bring me their back pack to see how they wear it and adjust it with them.


Hope this will help you make a good decision when choosing the school bag!






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