My summer challenge!

Hi everybody

So today I wanted to talk briefly about my summer challenge that I had given myself 3 months ago!! In May, I had a talk with myself and decided that the time had come to get back in shape. My kids were growing up and were sleeping through the night. I had more energy then I had in a long time. So I thought no more procrastination now is the time!!
So I decided to start using my treadmill for more then a close hanger!!! I started to run for 10 min and walk 1 min and run 10 min and walk 5 min. I started doing that 3-4 times a week. I realized quickly that I really enjoyed running to music so here I was on Itunes updating my running lists. A few girlfriends real runners pushed me to try running outside and that was it, I was addicted!!!

So with the help of these girls, I thought could I train to do a 10km race in september at the Marathon de Montreal!! The challenge was on! I ran in the heat, in the rain, practice some cross country trails. I did a 10 km trial race to see if i could do it. I passed the test and signed up with my girlfriend for the Montreal marathon. I was addicted to the racing aspect of running. The adrenaline before the start is high and the reward at the end is big.
So here, I was sunday morning after 3 months of training ready to try my best time and do my 10km under an hour. I ate pasta the night before, went to bed early, ate my breakfast ( 2 toast orange juice and a banana) and I was ready!
We were lucky because the weather was perfect, cool and sunny a bit windy but that was fine.
In the end, I did great!!! I ran alot faster then I would normally in training. Around the 8th km I got a bit tired but I knew I was almost done so at around 9km I increased my speed and sprinted at the end. The feeling when you come in the Olympic stadium was quite something. I stepped on the mat and my time was 59′ 59”. I did it!!!! That is all I could say!!!! My actual chip time was 59’43”.
I was so happy at the end to get my medal around the neck. That is what I had worked for!!! I had a big smile on my face all day after!!
I was happy about my accomplishment!! I worked hard, challenged myself and I did it. This comes from a girl who used to say could not run!! Now I will keep running and keep improving and find more races to do.
So I challenge you! What will be your challenge? Is it sport related, career or family? It is good to have something to work towards. It is good to push yourself and see what we can accomplish. A goal gives you a direction, a focus and such a great feeling at the end.
Here is my photo before the race. I am with my friend Sophie who helped me keep going. I should thank my other running partner Nathalie.
So find your challenge and go with it, you never know where it will take you!!!!

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