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Hi everyone

I have finally time to write a little note. I took a week off and recharged my batteries. I am ready for the fall and full of energy.
Now I thought I could share with you a few other things regarding the back to school. My kids started yesterday. Now we are slowly getting back in the school routine. Going to bed early, homework ( yes we had some on the first day!!) etc…
A few things to remember that this period can be quite stressful for kids. Some kids find it difficult to start up again and are anxious to see who will be their teacher and if their friends will be with them. Try to reassure them as much as possible. Make sure they go to bed early because they will be tired!!!

Another thing I like to question is where they are seated because you want to verify that they move around in the class and are not always sitting facing the board in one direction. So inquire how often they change positions.
Remind your kids to get their back packs on both shoulders and to put the heavy books close to the back. See my other blog on the back pack information.
Remind them about their posture at there desk. They should try to sit upright and lean against the back of the chair.
So I hope these tips will help your back to school routine be easier
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