Thank you!

Hi everyone

So summer is really busy with the family and outside activities. I came in today on wednesday for a few hours in the afternoon. I had a new patient on my schedule. One very important question is to ask how did the patient find me. I do it for stats at the end of the year to help me with my marketing and assess what works and what does not work. Is it an MD referring? friends? yellow pages ? internet?. I have to be honest and say that obviously there is nothing more exciting for me when I ask that question to get the answer “from a patient”. Today my new patient was a referral from a patient. WOW that makes me feel good!!!
I am not sure if you realize that this is the biggest gift you can give to your chiropractor. This is a sign of confidence, satisfaction in your care and trust. I feel very honoured that you trust me in the care of your friends or family.

This is one thing we do not say very often but today I wanted to take the time and say  THANK YOU  to all my patients for your referrals. I truly appreciate it. So when you send somebody remember that this is the most precious gift you can give to me.
Have a great week!! Remember to talk about chiropractic to your friends and family and I will be glad to help them out.
Thanks again

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