One more reason why I love being a chiropractor!

Hi everybody!

So obviously there are many reasons why I love being a chiropractor! Love helping people, meeting patients, the freedom of being my own boss, could go on and on. Yesterday, I had one of these great moments in my practice and I wanted to share it with you.
In my practice, I treat a lot of children and babies as you must know but I also get some referrals from an MD for work related injuries. These cases are quite challenging, as they are complex most of the time. The patients usually have tried many therapies before they give chiropractic a try.

A few weeks ago, I had a case of a gentlemen who came in suffering of lower back pain, hip pain and upper back pain. He had been off work for a year and was actually now walking with a cane. He had so much pain from his hip and leg that he could only walk with the help of that cane. I will not go in to all the details of the exam and relevant clinical things but I can tell you that after reviewing his case, in my opinion, there were no reason why he would not respond. So we had a discussion about what I was going to do which included muscle work and adjustments. He was instructed to combine ice to all the other things he was already doing. He was so incapacitated that he was having trouble taking care of his little girl who is 11 months old.
So we started treatment last week. I did 3 visits on him last week. They were going well!! For sure, he was a bit sore but he was seeing a change so he was encouraged. When he came back this week Tuesday, I was bent changing my head rest paper when he came in to the room. When I looked up, I asked him “so how are you feeling after the week end? ” He replied ” LOOK NO MORE CANE” he had been walking with a cane for over 3 -4 months!! WOW !!
I was so happy!! He said he was so encouraged and happy that he had told his wife over the week end that all he wanted to do was give me a hug!! YEAH!! We exchanged a hug and continued with the treatment. He is not out of the loop yet but at least on the right way!
These moments are just so special. Chiropractic has changed his life. Originally when he came in, he was so discouraged and most probably now for the first time he was smiling and encouraged!! Wow it is a great feeling!!!
This made my day and I told all my friends!! For moments like these, I will continue to practice. It happens quite often but some are more powerful then others! I love being a chiropractor. At 14, when I said I wanted to be a chiropractor, I do not think I realized fully what it meant but now I know.
When you have passion for your work it shows ! Do something you love and you will see the days will just fly by without you noticing.
I hope you enjoyed the post and if you have great stories like that please share them with me! I would love the hear them.
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