Choosing a back pack for school!

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Yes it is that time of year already! It seems like yesterday we were just finishing school and starting summer vacation but school starts at least for us in less then 3 weeks. When you go shopping all the back to school supplies are out!! I think it is very important to talk about back pack. Many kids have the wrong back pack, carry it poorly, and do not know how to fill it. Back packs do create a lot of neck, upper and even lower back pain in kids. So here are some important recommendations to follow when shopping for a back pack:
1- Choose a back pack versus a bag that gets carried only on one shoulder

2-You should make sure you can adjust the straps and that it has a waist strap
3- Adjust the back pack so that is it not higher than the shoulders and should not be lower than the waist or hips. So the size of your child will determine the size of the bag.
4-When you fill up the back pack put the heavy and bigger books towards the back of the bag closer to the back of your child
5-The bag should not weigh more then 10% of the weight of your child. So get the scale out weigh your child and then weigh the bag with a simple calculation you can figure out if the bag is too heavy for your child to carry
6- To lift the bag on the shoulders, your child should put it on a flat surface like a table and then put the straps and lift with the legs the weight of the bag.
7- Never wear the back pack on one shoulder.
So I hope this will help you choose your back pack. Have a good back to school and beginning of the school year.
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