Pregnancy and chiropractic!

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It has been a long time since I wrote! I am not ignoring you guys but as most of you know I am busy working on my master. Since the last post, I have been back to England and came back with lots of ideas and work to do!! I am really back at school!!

I wanted to talk about pregnancy a little bit because lately I have had a number of pregnant patients come through the office. All have little  different aches and pain at various stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy brings many changes to your body physically and emotionally! It is a vey special time for  a women even if it is not the first pregnancy! The first thing I would like to mention is that moms should not think that because you are pregnant it is normal to have pain!! It is never normal to have pain !!!Chiropractic is a very safe and effective method of helping mothers with back pain during pregnancy.

Mothers experience many changes in their posture as the belly gets bigger and that can put alot of  strain on the low back, neck and upper back as moms try to adapt to the postural changes. Chiropractic uses gentle techniques to help with muscle tension and restore good vertebral motion. The mother will also have a new hormone in her body called relaxin that will allow her to get all loose for delivery. It is important to make sure the pelvis is moving  well and all balanced before delivery. There are some research that say that regular chiropractic care can help mothers have an easier  and faster delivery. I obviously can never guarantee that but if it can help why not?

We can not forget the post-partum phase, the body then absorbs another big change. The posture and spine will adapt again to the new reality but because new mothers tend to do the same posture and repetitive motions with a new baby that can put a lot of stress as well.  It is important after delivery to ensure your spine is moving and working well!

So do you know somebody who is pregnant who could benefit from care? Do not hesitate to refer them I am sure they will be quite grateful!




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