The last day of my trip!

Hi everyone

It is hard to believe that I am here already sunday night. My last evening in England! I will be heading back tomorrow. Excited to get back to my family and work. It has been a very productive 5 days here. I had the pleasure of meeting some very nice chiropractors. The funny thing is we all seem to be practicing about the same way!

The last two days were quite intense on infants pediatrics information. It was alot of review but it validates what I do in the clinic with my patients!

Now it will be time to get studying and writing my first assignment because our first deadline is December 8th. No time to waste!!!!

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Day 1 and 2 of my England trip

Hi Everybody

It is hard to believe that is has been already 3 days since I left home!!! Wow does time fly. So far it has been a great trip! No problem with the flight, customs to get in the UK and then the bus ride to Bournemouth.  I got to my hotel which is just perfect! Trendy small boutique hotel called the Urban Beach Hotel ! The staff have so nice directing me along! Yes I did look like a tourist with my map in my hands but now I can get around my area no problem!

When I arrived, some patients had sugggested I do not sleep to get used to the time change so once I was setllted I went for a run along the beach! Funny thing is I was all ready with my umbrella expecting rain but no, the weather has decided to have a sunny week all week and a heat wave! Wow is it beautiful !!! I am a 3 min walk down to the beach and then there is a beautiful path to run!  Returned to my room to have some downtime had a beautiful meal in the restaurant and yes with a melatonin I was ready for my bed!! My room is very tiny but very efficient.

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Going back to school!!!

Hi everyone

Let the adventure begin! Many of you know that I have enrolled in a Master program  in chiropractic pediatric given out of England at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College! Some will say why????

Why start a new program at this stage? I think because it is never too late to challenge yourself. I think when you get too comfortable in your situation, it is time to step it up. I was there! After being in practice for 13 years and becoming an IBCLC, I needed a new challenge!

This will hopefully bring me to the next level of expertise in my field.  It will hopefully open new doors or new contacts.

It is not easy as a mother however to say good bye to the gang! For some reason they do not do this to my husband when he leaves!!! Anyway I am sure they will survive and we will all be super happy to see each other soon.

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Have you found your Passion?

Hi everybody

As you can see from the title the blog this week,  the topic is not related  to chiropractic or breastfeeding. I do find it is important once in a while to touch on other topic that I find will create great discussions.

Today,I wanted to touch on the topic of Passion. Have you found what you are passionate about in your life? I do believe that everybody needs to be passionate about something in their life. It can be a hobby, your work but when you are passionate about something people know. The way you talkabout it, the way you describe it.  When we have a passion, it focuses you.

I did a quick search online to find definitions of passion. Here is one that I found “Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do.”  This is so true. When you are passionate you give your all to succeed. You do not sit back and let things happen but you actually are proactive and make it happen. You constantly try to improve yourself.

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Vacation Time!!

Hi everybody!

The topic today is VACATION. Some of you may have been on vacation already and I sure hope  you had a super time!  If not you should really think about taking time off. Everybody needs time to relax and breathe! Your body will be the first one to thank you! We lead such crazy life! We are under pressure and stressed out most of the time! Even if you tell me you are managing your stress, your adrenaline is in constant demand!

On vacation you give that adrenaline a chance to come down. In the long run, it will benefit your overall health. You can take this time to reflect on the next part of the year, reading a book and sleeping in! Let your kids explore on their own! These days kids are so programmed. On vacation it is fun not to have an agenda! Even for a type A person like myself, I can manage to do that once a year! You will soon realize that your kids too are changing pace and discovering  to relax and play.

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