Graduation day for my MSc!

Hi everyone 

After 3 years of hard work, my graduation day of my MSc has arrived. I had decided to start that MSc project almost 4 years ago.  Following the World Federation Conference in Brazil, I met a student who had just graduated from that program and shared his excitement with me.  I contacted the tutor at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic,  Dr Joyce Miller who was very convincing and got me excited about the program. My registration was accepted in the MSc APP Peadiatric Musculoskeletal health.  During these 3 years, it was alot of work and many trips to the UK to finish this project but I have no regrets. I have learned so many things and met many friends from  all around Europe.

My thesis was my final project that took a year to finish. It was an original research evaluating the perception of lactation consultants IBCLC of musculoskeletal disorders in the breastfed baby.  My next project is to try and publish it in a scientific journal so stay tuned!

That project granted me to graduate with distinction which I was very happy about after all that hard work.

Crossing the stage for a second time in 16 years was very special considering I had succeeded at this project while working full time in clinic and being a mom of 3 amazing kids.

I am now ready for a good break from school but that day will always stay in my memory!

Enjoy a few photos of my special day!

Dr. Valerie Lavigne









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