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So I finally have a minute to blog. Life is not slowing down it seems like….
I had the pleasure of attending the Canadian Congress of Chiropractic in Toronto this last week end. This is quite a big conference and the topics were very interesting. It is always stimulating to attend these for many reasons. You get to see friends you have not seen in a long time but also you get to see the top people in the profession.
So here are some highlights. I really enjoyed the talk by Dr. Jeff Spencer dc. He had the privilege to be the chiropractor of Lance Armstrong during his Tour de France. He was a great motivational speaker. He was treating the team during the Tour de France. He started his presentation by asking us if you want to live life in the pack or be on the podium. He told us some of the characteristics that these athletes have and that makes them be on the podium and not in the pack. One trait that they seem to have is that they are super adaptors in life. They know how to react and when to react. He also talked about how important it is to have a reason to get up in the morning whether it is for your family your work, you need to have that fire in the belly. Another great trait, is that they can think outside the box. That allows them to be flexible and find solutions. One great sentence that he said was that we needed to be leaders in our own life. He also mentioned that champions believe in their differences and that is what makes them succeed.

He was very inspiring and he was written a few books which are supposed to be excellent. I will definitely put them on my christmas list here is a link to his books and web page to go visit
One book is called Turn it Up!! and Discover Wellness.
Another great talk we had was from a chiropractor that was part of the polyclinic at Whistler during the olympics Dr.Rocco Guerriero dc. It was the first time in the history of the olympics that chiropractors were actually part of the clinic and not just on the country’s team. He had great stories about top athletes coming to get treated and getting amazing results. These athletes were able to go back and compete in their sport. So that was a big step for chiropractors !! I hope it will be reproduced in the next olympics.
I also had the pleasure of listening to top researchers in the field and what is happening these days. One that really was interesting is Dr.Marc Erwing dc. His topics of research are in regenerative spine research. He works with a multidisciplinary team in Toronto. This research could impact many peoples lives in the next years.
So I could keep talking for a very long time but as you can see I am back and full of energy. I am ready to treat my patients and give them the best care possible. I just love attending conferences!!!
Have a great day
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