Pain beside the shoulder blade!!

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So today I decided to talk about a classic thing I see so often in the clinic. What is funny is that I had 3 patients today show up with that exact pain. It is pain linked to ribs actually called costovertebral syndrome. What does that mean??? Patients usually describe pain beside the shoulder blade not exactly on the spine. It hurst if they move their arm or they just feel a burning nagging pain in that area. If it becomes very acute people can’t breath and report a stabbing knife in their backs. It can also hurt when they are sneezing or coughing . It can also refer to the front of the thorax as well. Some even have difficulty moving their arm. Many times it is misdiagnosed as muscles spasms. I agree that we have alot of muscles in that area but when I touch the exact spot I am on the joint between the vertebra and the rib head. How do people injure themselves? Lifting something heavy such as kid, suitcases, or repetitive arm motion hanging in the air. Whenever we move our arms our rib also move and if they lose their normal motion then they start to create discomfort.

With this issue it is drastic the change once we have done the adjustment. I usually do some muscle work all around and then proceed to the chiropractic adjustment. People immediately report feeling better after the adjustment. I have patients now that know exactly when the rib is not moving well and is interfering and come in with the diagnosis before I even touch them.

I love treating this because some patients have been living with pain for years and a few visits it changes everything!!!

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